Next is lilith lair from &

Lilith lair is a scammer. She is a fraud and a big liar. Both of here coven members Raven & Katie are fake and she took the photos of them from the website listed below. Her testimonials are fake, nobody puts A++++++++ for a testimonial. All of her other shops like & & are fake too.  Do not listen to anything that she says.

Here is a list of websites that I found:



Updated post:


7 thoughts on “Next is lilith lair from &

  1. Hi ,
    I came across this website via review site. The review by few persons was good. I visited the site and i felt genuine to some extent. I talked with them through email .Their prices were high and i asked them to make some considerations and they agreed for my installments payment . But still i dont find enough courage to go ahead as the fees is so high and it matters for me as iam a normal average salary person in the initial stages of my career and also i dont find many reviews about them. They say they are a group. Could you please help me if they are trustworthy and shall i give a try because my situation badly requires a spellcaster and iam so confused and fed up with all these scammers and dont know on which spell caster to trust and invest on and go ahead


  2. hi, i literally just this moment have bought a spell from Lilith. i know your saying shes a scam, but ill let you know if anything happens…at least her prices aren’t extortionate so even if it doesn’t manifest this spell i wont be too angry.


  3. Yes, I just purchased from her also. I paid in all $75 but never heard back from her. I saw much negative feedback but it was removed shortly . I think I will be her next victim. Will contact paypal.


  4. I purchased from Lilith’s Lair last November 2014 & February 2015..It was some sort of a love spell discounted for $10. It may have not exactly brought my lover back to me, but I kinda noticed something weird, though: 2 months after the spell was casted, many men, suddenly, found me attractive ?? I don’t even like them & I was seriously wishing/hoping for my lover to call me, which never happened.


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