Hello everyone my name is Mimi and I made this blog to exposed all the FAKE spell casters out there. What they’re doing is wrong and hurtful. I am currently trying to find a real spell caster to help me get back together with my ex boyfriend, but it’s hard when I keep finding a bunch of fake spell casters. I will do or find reviews of all the fake spell casters that I list and if I find a real spell caster I will list them as will. Also, if you have had any experiences with any spell casters or if you found one that works please comment below or go to my

TUMBLR: http://spellcastersexposed.tumblr.com send me a message/submit

EMAIL: mimibieber24@gmail.com

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spellcastersexposed/815540561851421?sk=timeline

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Exposefakecastr

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http://s15.zetaboards.com/Spellcastersexposed/index/  Come talk to me:)

MY OTHER BLOG: http://spellcastersexposed.blogspot.com & http://mimimoonspells.weebly.com




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    • Lol this made my day. Okay I’m going to break it down to you like this slowly so it can process in your little brain. First of all your negative ass forum is stupid and ain’t nobody got time to copy that shit. Second your “research” that you did on me is 100% false, but still love that forum about me though❤️. Third you say I’m a scammer because I have Xara on my list and the reason why I put her on my list is because she is free, so people can use her until I find the real spellcasters and I only wrote her once, exposed her fake accounts, plus I don’t promote her like other people would. She didn’t even work for, but she worked for other on my blog. Fourth I spent a lot of time exposing these fake spellcasters because I felt that you and spellsandwishes aren’t doing a good job trying to expose them. I’m trying to help as many people as I can and that’s why I have a bunch of other social media websites so everyone can find the info on my blog. I’ve also spent a lot of time trying to find the real spellcasters that I trust so one they can help me get my ex boyfriend back and two they can help everyone else on my blog or forums get their lovers back too. Why would I spend so much time and energy doing all this just to try to scam people, ain’t nobody got time for that shit. Plus I am a college student, I express many times how much I am broke and can’t really afford spells. I like to say I’m a baller on a budget, a fabulous one too. I did not create create all this just start little wars with you or with other forums, that may be your motive, but it’s not mine. So your old menopause ass can try to drag me down but I’m still going to do me boo. So bitch get the your baby lookin profilin ass off my got damn blog k and I’ll make sure to reserve a spot at your funeral⚰

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  1. I found yet another scammer having gotten to know him personally and that he barely started practicing his real name Is Darren Taylor aka Xerlin Praxus he peddles his stuff through facebook the kid is young and trying to make a quick buck off of those who actually seek knowledge his talismans are fraudulent and aren’t charged, worst yet he claims to be a member of several different orders whom i know the inner workings of very well he makes many claims and delivers very little. He acts like an adolescent child boasting with the “Look who i know” type of mentality to boost his popularity. I’m posting this so no one will fall for this and waste their time and money for your own good stay away from this kid he is a Charlatan. I hope i posted this in the right area get back to me if any mistakes have been made, I really like your page it has led me to some really good spellcasters and has kept me away from fakes such as this guy.


  2. I have a story to share, I don’t think there is any real spell caster. They are all scammers, and know very well how to play the game. Doctor Leekan referral by Zilina is one hundred percent fake and knows how to prolong you to earn more money. Please people do not feed these people. He should be in Jail.


  3. Here is another slick scammer, she call her self Prof Mama Fahimah, what a thief, as the moment she received the money her story changes. She is the best, her spirit told her not to do the work yet. What a piece of crack, i wish these people get caught. This woman should be exposed and please people do not fall for her website because everything there is a lie and she can barely speak. Her website is fake she is fake and has no shame.


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