Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays:)


Next is Happy Happy from

Happy Happy is a scammer. First of all his name is stupid Happy Happy  like really. Second his website is terrible, he didn’t even put anything on his about page, he just left it with a default. Third he posts fake testimonials on blogs and websites that’s how I found him. Please don’t use him.Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 12.08.25 AM.png

Next is

This website is a scam. Do not listen to anything that they say. Everything on their website is a lie plus they post fake testimonials on blogs and websites too. Here’s where they got the photos from:



Next is Dr Frank Ojo from

Dr Frank Ojo is the same person who is dr brave. I found his website on dr braves blog All the testimonials on the website and blog are fake. Do not listen to anything that he says. He is only going to scam you. Here is where he gotten the photos for his fake accounts from: