Next is Priest Wilnor from

Priest Wilnor is a scammer! Everything that he says on his website are lies! Plus he offers 100% guarantee which is a big red flag and he is on several websites that recommend fake spell casters.  I think he is Houngan Amadou from not fully sure though, but don’t listen to anything that he says. Here is where he got the picture from.


“In the name of the moon, I’ll expose you”



5 thoughts on “Next is Priest Wilnor from

  1. priest wilnor and the other website are the same person! I tried both scammers and they both use the same email address pure energy. If you used them, the only way to get your money back is if you used paypal. File a dispute claim and get your money back from the scammer


    • He is located in California off of Mercy St. The paypal address he uses is for a lady in South Amerca. and is indeed the same person. I tracked both websites.

      Pleade stay far away


    • There is no list of real spellcasters. Best thing is to learn to cast spells by yourself and attend workshops. That’s what I have done


  2. Again and again I say,most of the genuine casters in India and Africa are mostly illiterate and do not know the power button of a computer.
    Spell casting isn’t easy. I’ve learnt and mastered many spells. I use dwarfs spirits but it isn’t without side effects.Sometimes I feel so drained when tying down a lover but I can teach you if you care to learn.


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