Important Update!

Hello Everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. I just want to update you guys on what has been going on. So first I would like to say Happy New Years everyone. May 2017 be a good year to you all. I am sorry that I haven’t been on here or answering my emails that much. The pass months have been stressful for me since this is my fourth year in college and when I would get on my blog or try to answer emails I would feel more stress because of the pressure of trying to help you guys. I needed some time to myself and now that I have been away I feel a lot better:) I will be back on more frequently now and I will try to answer everyone within a day or two day instead of 5 or 10 which I am sorry about. I created a new forum today, the other one I had was really confusing for me to use. This forum is a lot more simple.

Also I highly recommend everyone to try to cast their own spells. I have been casting my own spells for a year now and I have seen more results then the spell casters that I have used. You can still use a spell caster to cast your spells, I just want you guys to try it out. And try to use the laws of attraction too.

Please look at my Fake Testimonials/Spell Casters page to learn how to spot a fake spell caster.


8 thoughts on “Important Update!

  1. Hey! glad you are back, thanks for the update, I feel that this place on WordPress is much easier to use & understand..I am glad things have worked out for you & good luck with you studies!


  2. Hello everyone. If anyone is looking for great spell casters go to there are tons of spells you can do yourself and they will do for you as well. They are not expensive at all and very easy to do with great results. They also have a forum with people that will help you. I’m currently working a honey jar and other candle work. There are tons of testimonials from people who have gotten their ex’s back. Try them.


  3. Thank you for doing what you do. I’m new to your blog and forum, but I am grateful that there are people out here to talk to. You mentioned being successful at casting your own spells, is there a book or website you recommend for spell instructions?


  4. Please add 24k spells in the list of scams. Luckily I was wise not to keep paying money. I used to get lengthy mails from Tiffany Gold for almost two months saying that the spell is going great, we are just finishing, etc. Every week there used to be a mail asking for $55, $65, etc. Finally I told her that I will not be able to pay. She stopped responding knowing well that she could not con me further. Don’t go by her sweet talks. Absolute fake. I have nearly 45 mails from her which I have stored for anyone who wishes to confirm that 24k spells is a scamster.



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