Countess Starella from

Countess Starella is one of the nicest and sweetest psychic on . She talks to all of her viewers when she is online and she’ll make sure to answer all of your questions. She is very wise and she knows what she is talking about. Also, she is very funny, she’ll entertain you by singing or dancing. I think she is online everyday starting at 1 a.m. USA eastern time. I forgot how much she charges for a private reading, but it’s not that expensive. If you guys want to check her out click on the link below

Next is Angelica Galanz from &

Angelica Galanz is another scammer. Her website looks a lot like Ashras and she offers a 100% guarantee which is a big red flag. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYTHING THAT SHE SAYS. Here is a list of reports that I found: