(UPDATE) About Zohani.com

Submitted by George: Earlier, when I sent you this site that scammed me. Dr. Zohani is not his real name. His real name is Bilal Khan. His postal address shows as P.O. Box 16 Bassein Road Pin – 401202 India. He is also known to own multiple websites to trick using different alias to trick others such as grandspells.com and humanspells.com. I have ordered a genie invocation from these so-called gurus or so-called spiritualists like him. He sent me a procedure on genie invocation that belong to someone else that I have ordered in the past. Any genie invocation site tracing back to India, someone using the last name “Khan” and only accepts payments via wire transfers such as Western Union or Money Gram should be a sign of red flag and should be avoided at all costs. Please post this on your site to let others to be aware of this and warm them to stay away from sites belonging this this person.