Complex Blood Ritual

You will need to do it during the waxing moon actually and on a Friday (the day of love) towards midnight:

You will need:

a picture of you and your target


parchment paper

dove blood ink

a red nude candle of your target’s gender

a match

a snuffer or your finger

Write out what it is that you want, short and sweet, on the paper with the ink, fold it towards you once, then to the right, then towards you a third time, then stick your photos facing each other with honey after writing your names and birthdays on the backs.

Place the photos on top of the paper, make sure their photo is beneath yours to symbolize you having power over them, then take the candle (in a holder) carve your target’s name into the candle first and place it on top of the items. Do that part after you have dressed the candle with the appropriate oil and then rubbed it upwardly at your vagina while menstrating so it is dressed in your most intimate blood all over. Let it soak into the candle and then light the candle. Meditate on this while it burns:

“Alkumuku bibandoris Dig me up horis horis Mithe bolite che aste bochor abar hobe” and chant it as many times as you can.

After the candle is liquid and burned, chant: “Flowing river of blood, Let him/her flow to me, I give my blood for him/her to come to me.”

And then you can meditate and voice your own petition, zone out while doing it, get lost in the meditation. You must be focused and visualize your target loving you while voicing what you voice, and feeling heightened emotions. You should also move your hands circularly to the right to move the energy of the candle about when it’s burning. If you have to put it out snuff do not blow, never blow.

When it’s done bury the items under a tree on your property or close by to signal the growth as a tree grows.

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