Next is High Priestess Doris from

High Priestess Doris is a big scammer. On her website she has a limited time only free spell page and I had contacted her for a free spell. First of all when she emails you you can’t email her back which was really annoying. Then she said that I’ll have to a ritual when the spell is cast or she can do it for me so I had her do it which was $20. THEN HER WEBSITE GOT SUSPENDED. I tried to email her asking her whats happening to her website and she never responded. Last week she just emailed me saying that my spell should of worked by now and if not then was from a bunch of stupid reasons and she recommend another lady which is another scammer too. After I receive that message, I blocked her from my emails. I didn’t get scammed as bad as everyone else. It was only $20, but still be careful, she is a scammer and she is part of a scam circle with other scammers that I already reviewed. Here is a list of complaints that I found:


Next is Sister Esmeralda from

Sister Esmeralda is a fake spell caster. She has been mention on other fake spell casters websites. Her website is basic and her green eyeshadow doesn’t look good on her unless she has eyeliner or mascara on. Beware of her, she is a scammer. Don’t listen to anything she says or what other websites say of her. Here are some forums that I found: and are the same.

Pedro Spengler is a scammer and he owns two websites and On he pretends to be this lady named Madam Serena and on the other website he is himself. Don’t trust both of these websites. Here is a list of forums and reports that I found:

Next is

High Priestess Anais is another scam too. The website seems legit but it’s much similar to I found her website on with a bunch of other scammers. If you find a website with a list of spell casters that are rated then it’s a scam. Don’t listen to anything that they’re saying. And her picture is fake.