(UPDATE) About Zohani.com

Submitted by George: Earlier, when I sent you this site that scammed me. Dr. Zohani is not his real name. His real name is Bilal Khan. His postal address shows as P.O. Box 16 Bassein Road Pin – 401202 India. He is also known to own multiple websites to trick using different alias to trick others such as grandspells.com and humanspells.com. I have ordered a genie invocation from these so-called gurus or so-called spiritualists like him. He sent me a procedure on genie invocation that belong to someone else that I have ordered in the past. Any genie invocation site tracing back to India, someone using the last name “Khan” and only accepts payments via wire transfers such as Western Union or Money Gram should be a sign of red flag and should be avoided at all costs. Please post this on your site to let others to be aware of this and warm them to stay away from sites belonging this this person.


9 thoughts on “(UPDATE) About Zohani.com

  1. I ordered a spell from zohani khan spiritualist. He told me that it would take time but i will eventually get it, and guess what, i got my parcel, with my talisman and its working for me, plus, not only does he accept payment via Western union, he has a bank account in his name, and a swift code.. So i tell you he aint no scam, he knows what he does. YES HIS REAL NAME IS BILAL KHAN, ITS ON HIS WEBSITE THAT ZOHANI IS ONLY A SPIRITUAL NAME. His envelopes are written his real name and lostal address to return to if undelivered, scams will not do that, infact, they will not send you anything at all. So i tell you right now, do not tanish his reputation he knows what he does. If it ddnt work on you, then something is wrong perhaps u need some cleansing. And for the one still waiting for the parcel, you will get it. Ask him for the tracking number he will give you.



    • Paul, I am so happy that you got your tailsman and believe that Zohani is real, but unfortunately he’s not:( He is verified as a scammer and western union is known for scam reports. Every fake spell caster uses western union even if they have their own bank account in their name. Some scammers will send you stuff as long as your paying them a lot of money they’ll send whatever to make you believe that they are real. I never used him, but someone submitted me their experience with zohani, telling me to warn everyone about him so I posted their experience. I do not care if I’m messing with his reputation because he is a scammer and I expose scammers like him. Perhaps you need to be cleanse from all the lies you been told. So you can keep believing that he’s real and getting scammed by him and I really appreciate that you took the time to comment on my blog Paul if your even real,you could be zohani maybe maybe not, I guess we’ll never know.


  2. Loool noooo m not zohani khan. Hahaha m just a customer. I was reffered to him by someone who was also pleased with his work. Seriously hey. Am in south africa not india. Plus he charged me jus 40 dollars for everything including delivery charges. I mean, he never asked for more money, i got my stuff and he told me how to use it, n i was sorted, my thing is working for me, its for losing weight. And since i wore it, v lost five kg so quickly. I still eat a lot though. Anyway was just saying what am experiencing on my side, thats all.


  3. Hi My Name is Carol, but it’s really Natasha Johnson and I’m a big stupid head. I like to post fake testimonials on websites so I can steal peoples money.I say I live in TX, but theres a grand possibility that I don’t. In my fake testimonial I tell you how I got my fake
    husband back which is obviously a big lie because I’m a lonely fraud:(. I never been married. Dr. Brave didn’t reunite me with my fake nonexistent husband because he is a big scammer. If you see a testimonial from me on another website, it is fake because I am trying to take your money. Dr. Brave is the best scammer ever and I love him so much:) Here is my email if you have any questions or is you want to send me hate mail go right a head, natashajohnson299@gmail.com .



  4. hi I do believe there are a lot of scammers out there that sell magickal items,haunted items and such but I do believe that there are those out there that are legit .I just would like to be pointed in the right direction.


  5. I do believe there are a lot of scammers out there that sell magickal items,haunted items and such but I do believe that there are those out there that are legit .I just would like to be pointed in the right direction.


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