Hey guys

Does anyone know a alternative way to buy spells in the U.S. from a different country. I know someone who wants to buy some spells from the spellbinding sisters, but they can’t because they don’t live in the U.S. So if anyone have any ideas please message me asap.


Another fake spiritualist site

Submitted by George: I’m so glad I have found you. Hello I found another fake spiritualist site and I was scammed by this person. He cheated me over $150 on his fake genie invocation. Please list this on your webpage and warn others not to buy from this scammer.

Here’s his site:


Here’s details about this scammer.


Thank you George for telling me about Dr. Zohani. I am very sorry that you got scammed by him and I will add him to my list.

Next is Psychic Meena Kapoor from http://www.thirdeyefortunes.com & http://www.psychicmeena.com

Psychic Meena Kapoor is a scammer. She is also Lillian Fields from reuniteloverspells.com but that website gone now. She is not the number one love spell expert she is a expert in lying. Do not listen to anything that she says. Here is a report that I found about her:


Next is Sister Angel Rose from http://www.msangelrose.com

Sister Angel Rose is a scammer. She is also listed on a bunch of websites that recommend fake spell casters. I was thinking about using her, but she never email me back which I believe was a sign from God telling me she is a big fat liar. Do not listen to anything that she says. Here is a list of reports and forums that I found: