Next is dr aluda spell from & &

Dr poop face aluda is a scammer. He likes to post fake testimonials on a lot of websites and blogs including mine. Do not listen to him or his fake testimonials. They’re all fake!!!!!!

He also made a account on google plus called albert Uwa



9 thoughts on “Next is dr aluda spell from & &

  1. Everybody please i beg you don’t meet dr aluda for help he is a fake spell caster he collected money from without result. If Any Body Here Has Also Been Scammed By dr aluda or any spell caster and you need help you can contact me on facebook at: Ajasa Ibilola or my gmail account at: let talk


  2. Hello I am Hayden Harriet, which is probably not my real name, and I from the a place called nowhere because I probably don’t exist. I Am here to talk about a man who has brought back the most non existent thing back into my life. So i was at a shop one day buying some drugs for my addiction, when i was pretending to listen to the radio, hearing a imaginary lady talk about Dr Aluda aka Dr Ass Whips on how he has never helped anyone in bring back their ex because he is a big time scammer trying to write a fake testimonial on Mimi’s blog. This fake man Dr Aluda aka Dr. Ass Whips will make you miserably,Please friends Dr. Ass Whips is not the real deal. Thank you Mimi for creating this wonderful blog exposing people like Dr. Aluda aka Dr. Ass Whip. You’re the best. Here is his email if you want to tell him off or block him



  3. everybody another news has come out ooo, can u people imagine that dr aluda also known as uwa albert text me sayin that i should remove d bad testimony i post about him nd put good testimony about him that if not i will die that he has kill so many people, people what do u think we can do about this man his own is now getting too much as for he will surely regret what he said i think he don’t know d type of person that i am. nd again am really happy that am not d only one that know that dr aluda is fake


  4. hello everyone i want to say something that just happenend, Dr aluda who is also known as uwa albert text me say i should delete all d bad testimony i post about him nd post good ones about him he want me to deceive people but am not like that, he then told me that if i don’t post good testimony about him that among going to die he said he has kill so many pple can u pple imagine


  5. Everybody please i beg u don’t meet any spellcaster for help all of them r fake they don’t exist, The only thing that i know they exist are herbalist


  6. I was in search of a spell caster and I found Dr. Aluda. I asked him for legitimate testimonials and he flipped out saying that he had my information and his “oracle” will find me and kill me if I don’t follow through with the spell. He even sent me a picture of a dead lady and said that his “shrine” needs a human sacrifice. And gave me 3 days to do the spell or his people are coming after me. Funny stuff.


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