Who is Xara?

I have removed Xara from my real spellcasters list do to new information that I found about her. I was blind sided by the fact that her spells were free and so many people have gotten results from her that I instantly believe that she was real. Looking back at my post that I wrote about her, I could see why so many people thought I could of been Xara since I was praising her and I didn’t think twice about it. I apologize to everyone who I recommend to use her. I don’t think she is a scammer since she gets paid from the ads on her website, but she is definitely fake. Someone sent me a photo and the website where Xara got her picture from. After seeing this I wouldn’t trust her.






6 thoughts on “Who is Xara?

  1. I believe you are right about xara.
    Recently, she casted a spell (money spell) for me which never work, when I commented a negative comment about the spell (which never work, and nothing positive changed, in fact there is a negative change.) in her Testimonials, she removed my testimonial after few hours. This is a sign for cheating.
    Now, I believe too that she is a fraud too.


    • I said it here that Xara ,Ashra and spellbinding sisters are big frauds and should not be trusted but some ladies called me a conman instead.
      The best thing is to cast one’s own spells. You can contact me if I have some free time , I may help you.


    • Abdul, she removed my testimonials too. I said that it takes a while for things to happen, albeit in a roundabout way. I didn’t think it was so bad, but once she found out who I was, my spells requests no longer manifested.


  2. I agree with Abdul. I had mixed results with her site. Certain things came true, others did not, especially after I mentioned similar things like Abdul mentioned. Free or not, I no longer use her.


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