12 thoughts on “Hey guys the comment sections for the Scam List and Real Spellscasters pages are open again

    • I also tried Kevin simba he is a scam. He threatened to come to my workplace and tell my ex on Facebook that I wanted to use a spellcaster. Stay away from him.


  1. Conjurer634/ConjurerHeart is a scammer. Found their information on another site, emailed them, thought it was legit, then did a bit more digging, only to find out 90% of the information they gave me was false. So glad I did my digging before I paid anything!!


  2. I tried chris.he did a reading for me and everything turned out to be true. He told me that my case is complicated so didn’t continue.i found another South African spellcaster 2 weeks ago.I am trying her out.If it works for me, i will give you her details.she sent me some stuff but not received them yet.i have been tracking them.they are at Amsterdam. Eagerly waiting.


      • @Luise i did receive the items but she started asking for money money which we didn’t agree on.So i left her but now i am using my classmates Father who is very cheap and he does not use ingriedients.will come back with the results very soon.


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