Hey guys sorry that I have been MIA lately

I’m taking summer classes and I have my first internship that so that’s why I haven’t been on plus I wasn’t feeling myself lately. But I am feeling much better now and I am try to post more and I am going to reply to everyone who has message me. Also please look at my Fake Testimonials/ Fake Spell Casters page to see some tips on how to spot a fake testimonial and fake spell caster just in case I am not able to reply to you. Also register for my forum so you guys can communicate with each other better then replying in the comments. Also, I made a thread on there of the spellcasters who I couldn’t find anything bad about so check it out.





15 thoughts on “Hey guys sorry that I have been MIA lately

  1. Do I have to register to get a reply? I have spent a lot of money on Omar Sheikh Akeem of 46 Upton Park London. Is he real?


  2. I would like to reiterate on what a scammer Mama Shania Durbin South Africa is. She is very convincing and I am very embarrassed to say that she stole $5,000 from me over the course of the last few months. She obviously decided she could not help me anymore and today she changed her phone number. It’s all over her Facebook page but she’s claiming she is not the same person, even though it is the same Facebook page. She’s claiming to not know who I am and then I have the wrong Mama Shania. I am absolutely distraught and want to ruin her online. She will burn in hell for all the people she scammed.


  3. Hi! I’m planning to do an intranquility spell (I know it’s extreme, but oh well, I got my own reasons). Have you guys work with Sherry Scott from Barefootwitchery, Mama Sarah from Conjured Cardea or Talia Felix from hoodoo-online ? Thanks 🙂


  4. hello spellcasters team myself SUSHANT BADOLA.my main purpose to write this comment is to tell you about my problem about an year ago i have passed my 12 class and and i have been suffering from hairfall problem since i was in 9th class due to this problem i have already shaved my head for 15 times in last four years and even now they are falling.i want your team to spell some magical words so that my problem will get solved.please mam its not fake its real i want your help my additional detais are my date of birth is 29january1998 and iwas born at 4:05 am my name is SUSHANT BADOLA.thankyou please do something


    • Hi Sushant I am sorry about your hair problem. I highly recommend to use castor oil or black Jamaican castor oil to help grow back your hair. I have used castor oil to grow out my eyebrows and my eyelashes and I’ve seen great results. You can also use sugarbearhair supplements to your hair too.


    • Hahaha omg what the world?!! I’m sorry if dermatologist still can do something about your hair problem then it’s normal problem.falking hair sometimes because you are stress, thinking too much working hard too much and lack if sleep if course. No need spellcaster about that maybe. Or did you mean you want a spell on it? Does makes sense too!


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