Next is Jada Cruz from and

Jada Cruz is a scammer. Everything that she says on her website are lies. Her real name is Gina Adams and she is located in Encino California, but she will tell you to send your money to Phoenix Arizona. She also offers 100% guarantee for her spells which is a big red flag. Please do not use her.


3 thoughts on “Next is Jada Cruz from and

  1. a site operated out of Indis is definitely a scam! They just took my money and that’s the last I heard of them. It’s run by a woman who call herself Nooeresehair Khan who’s totally without scruples. Don’t buy anything from the site or you’ll be cheated as I have!


  2. I am so tired of scammers spellcaster i am desperate please so if you can help me please send me a real authentic spellcaster please i need my husband back please..


  3. This Woman that you’re saying is working for this love spell website she is someone you deafly need to investigate she has all different kinds of accounts and websites for all kinds of gain she pretends to be other people and pretends to claim she is other people definitely should investigate her she has all different emails and all different types of websites ( Gina Adams ) if that’s even her


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