Round 2

SCES known as the bitch that is trying to copy me claims I’m cosmicmoongoddess now since I open a can of whoop ass on them in my last post. Well hunty pay close attention because you might actually learn a thing or two.

As you see in this post from SCES which was updated because I mention how bad they are at researching and gave Cosmicmoongoddess known as Miss Ivy as an example. So first off you can’t go off of Whois because majority of the websites you put in are private, plus they don’t provide a lot of information. Also, she isn’t hiding anything, but her real name, you can see what she looks like and her family on her instagram. If you have gotten so many emails about people not getting results from her why don’t you show us the emails, prove it. Whenever someone message me and tell me there experience about being scammed by a spellcaster, I make a post and I put in there experience as proof unless they tell me not too. This mostly happens on my tumblr. I don’t know if you can’t read, but I actually created my blog on october 2 2014 not June 12 2015 and I told you I do have a lot of social media sites either under spellcastersexposed or mimimoon nothing else. Now I could see how your tiny little mind would think that I’m cosmicmoongoddess because of the moon. The reason why I named my new blog which is all about how to cast your own spells and much more, mimimoonspells is because I am obsess with a anime called Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is my favorite female hero and that is why I made my icon picture is inspire by her and my blog mimimoonspells is decorate in Sailor Moon. Plus, if you look at my blog you would see that I include a lot of pop culture into my blog and posts plus I have a lot of attitude and if you look at her website or instagram you can see she is very claim and relaxed.  Also, I don’t know if you notice, but I haven’t even mention cosmicmoongoddess on any of my blogs except for this post. I haven’t made a post recommending people to use her, she is not on my real list, or anywhere on my blog. Do I think she is a scam no I don’t, but I am not going to mention her on my blog until I get results from another spellcaster. And another thing cosmicmoongoddess does white magic and I encourage all types of magic especially black magic as you can see on my blog. And do you want to know why I put so much effort in exposing all these scammers do you really want to know why I’m trying to “eliminate the competition” as you accuse me of. The main reason why I made this blog, why I expose all these scammers is because I want to find a real spell caster to help get my ex bf back the love of my life who I haven’t even see or spoken to in two years so thats the real reason why I am doing all of this boo. And if you would of actually done your research you would know the spellcaster that I am using and if you think it’s cosmicmoongoddess then you are really stupid. You know who is doing this spsreview with Yaya Maria. That is a great example of a scam. So hunty I hope you learned something from this post now sashay away


Winner:Me Loser:SCES

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.23.53 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.24.07 PM.png


12 thoughts on “ stupidity

  1. So I was brought to attention about this drama going on here…that someone thinks you and I are the same person. Oh how I wish I had the time to be blogging and keeping forums lol!! I run a business and brand, and I am also a single mom to 2 boys, 5 & 3.5 years old), and also in the midst of relocating from Florida back to London, UK. The person claiming we are the same first of all doesn’t know much about magick and secondly hasn’t done enough work to look me up. I am hiding nothing at all, but he/she has unfortunately a significant lack of intelligence. I am not a scammer nor do I care if anyone thinks I am. Spellcasting is my side thing and I am also moving away from that due to a lot of unstable people purchasing spells from me so I will make the decition of whom I work with in the future. I am also a Spiritual Coach, Reiki healer and so much more. What I do online is not the only things I do as I have client reception in my home as well. Say no to drama 😉 love & light! xx Cosmic Moon Goddess

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  2. i have trusted you but now i see you have a lot of copy and paste social media scam sites and on fb you link to a scam sites of spsreviewforum you are a scammer cosmicmoongoddess


  3. This is so confusing when they refer to you as me lol. Don’t even let it get to you. Rise above it and let them dwell in their low vibrations by themselves. I applaud you for exposing scammers (if they really are scammers…everyone can look at my youtube channel how to know the difference of what a scammer is and isn’t), but I am so far from a scammer and everyone who has had spells cast by me has received evidence of the work.

    “You can only kill darkness with light”


    • Hello comicmoongoddess I’m sorry to bring you in to all of this, I just want to show people that we our two different people. There is enough evidence to prove that we are not the same person. I’m trying my best not to let it get to me but some times it just so frustrating especially when people don’t do their research. I believe you are real and some people in my old forum have used you and got results especially with the abundance spell. And thank you for writing a response too, I agree with everything that you had said. Also I watch your YouTube video about what is a scammer and what isn’t and it was a really good video:) Thank you again


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