Next is High Priestess Pyhia from

High Priestess Pyhia is a scammer!! She is the same person who was High Priestess Alexandra the scammer from, but since I exposed her and everyone was picking up on her wicked ways she changed to someone else. A lot of scammer mostly the nigerian scammers do this especially the one I exposes. Her website is exactly the same, the only thing that is different is her name and the name of the website. Also, she offers 100% guaranteed which is a big red flag. And her picture is fake too. Please do not use her. Here is where she stole the picture.


Here is my post about High Priestess Alexandra:




16 thoughts on “Next is High Priestess Pyhia from

  1. Could”nt agree more , total scammer put her to the test with a love spell, first off she was lovely telling me how she could help wanting to charge me 400 usd for one and 250 usd for another even though her website says 57 usd as the minimum price. I said i couldn’t afford that and she asked what i could been really nice and sincere. So i told her 50 – 100 usd next thing i get a very abrupt email saying ok pay me that and gives me some address in uruquay with some weird name and to pay by western union or moneygram yet according to her website she doesn’t accept either of these. Total scam artist don’t fall for it!


  2. She is a total con. She takes your money and then comes back to tell you the spell isn’t working because of some outside influence, which you now need to pay more to have removed. If you push back, she say she will recast and that’s that. You’re on your own after that. No results and $500 poorer. AVOID HER AS SHE WILL DO NOTHING BUT TAKE YOUR MONEY.


  3. thinks all of you guys for these saving my money comments, lol i love you.
    I know have hope in five ppl in humanity lol and it’s you
    i almost send her the money, but i felt something shady from her after i read her first long ass email, so i google her email and found this.


  4. i also caught by her.. she evenreduced the cost for a lottery spell and asked me to pay through western union or money gram,when i refused and asked her to give her account details,she denied and send me a pay pal link but refused to give her mob no to fill up the form…so i could not fill the form and she stopped mailing me.. i was disappoined by her …and thanks to god i found this site today andcame to know about her…thank u so much.


  5. Yes, that bloody fucker is on of a scam artist. I used her service last 2 years ago and she kept giving excuses to wait, but until today nothing has happened.


    • she should be excommunicated from the spellcaster community. she perhaps spent a lot over the designing of her website,now cheating on people to recover the money i guess…


  6. Anyone willing to cast his or her own spells can leave me a reply. I’m new in voodoo spellcasting and willing to share my few knowledge for free if you are comfortable with voodoo magick. I can also cast few spells for when less busy


  7. Thanks everyone I almost used her as well. I have been scammed 4 separate times. Can anyone recommend a reputable good love spell caster


  8. I also paid her $240 in January and after that if I ask how the progress is, she’d get angry so I eventually stopped talking to her.


  9. The best casters I know do not do publicity and aren’t familiar with the internet. I can help you cast your spells. Of late I have stopped casting some spells myself especially love spells. Because I use dwarf spirits and in the process of tying a lover (red thread) My whole energy gets drained and it takes a huge toll on my health


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