Feature Points easy way to earn money

So I found feature points on tumblr, someone recommend me it while ago and it is so easy to use. It’s not a scam, all you have to do is download apps, use them for 2 mins then you can delete them or keep them and earn points. As a college student I am broke and busy so this is a nice way to earn money. The rewards that you get from your points is money for your PayPal, amazon gift card money, iTunes money, etc. it is only available for apple devices and androids.

You can use my referral code so whenever I earn points you’ll earn 50% too. It’s XZH5D7 or featu.re/XZH5D7 . I use this on my iPhone and also on my iPad mini to see if the referral code works and it does, you can do the same if you want. I am at 1,749 points which I can get $3 from PayPal or amazon and you have to get 10,000 points or higher to get more money. What I do is download a bunch of apps open them while I am in class or when I am sleeping or when I am busy so I can get through the apps faster. So now I can earn some extra money to spend on some spells.giphygiphy-1


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