Next is Dr Inusa from

Dr Inusa is a scammer. He is a fake and a fraud. Everything on his website is a lie and all of his testimonials on his website are fake too. He also posts fake testimonials on websites and blogs, that’s how I found him. Plus, he offers 100% guaranteed spells which is a big red flag. Do not listen to anything that he says.


5 thoughts on “Next is Dr Inusa from

  1. Although I didn’t give Dr. inusa from quick solutions any money yet I had to cancel the spell work and he told me if I didn’t pay or do the work the Gods will be angry and kill me. I think that’s enough said with that.


  2. I pay the money to Dr.Inusa.he said that he send a special spiritual ring for me.and I receive it in 2-3 days but I didn’t receive it yet. And he doesn’t do anything. What can I do now.


  3. He is a big big fraud fraud fraud he doesn’t give back my money. He blocked me and take my money and doesn’t give any bloody ring.fake spellcaster Dr Inusa. Bloody scammer.he is fake


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