Ding ding bonus round. Dr brave deicide to contact me again a couple of days ago and here is what he said

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.23.28 AM

Dr brave: dr brave made another fake account I don’t know if it’s new or old but
he is pretending to be Becky Miller and the picture is fake. The real
woman in the picture is Rachel Dyer. Here is where he got the picture


Me: bruh my spirits said stop messaging me

Dr brave: MIMI have a casted a spell for you before because i am amazed the way
you believe that am a scam

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.27.50 AM

Me:  I don’t know if you can’t read or if your just stupid, but I told you that you didn’t cast a spell for me because I already knew you are a scammer. You can play victim and keep pretending all you want, but I see through you. You are not fooling me.

Dr brave: I will also see you as my daughter, and the end shall tell if am really a scam or not okay.
Me: lol you are such a joke. You are a scammer, a greedy ass scammer just like the rest of them. Like I said before you are not fooling me, I have proof that you are a scammer. I may not know who you really are but know this no matter what fake spell caster you pretend to be, I will find you and I will expose. Let that process in your little tiny brain okay.
Dr brave: If i will be the one who will first expose you to the whole world what do you think, because people hate you, because no photo no mobile number i believe that you are a spell caster from Nigeria, i pray that my gods give you the grace to see well okay.
Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.30.20 AM
Me: I haven’t laugh this hard in a while lol you are nothing but a joke.
How can I be a spell caster from Nigeria if I don’t have a stolen
picture of a african man and number from there that is you stupid.
This made me laugh so much. Actually people hate you boo boo, I don’t
care about how people feel about me, but obvious you do since you keep
annoying me. Go a head expose me all you want because I going to keep
exposing you. O and I pray that my spirits will give you the grace to
fuck off.
And here are my gifs I sent him:
Winner: Me Loser: Dr brave


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