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I just wanted to make a response to this post written by spellsandwishesreview. So this is the situation that happened between us, I created a account on their forum because a couple of people made accounts on their forum and mine. I did go on their forum at the beginning of the year to look for info on spellbinding sisters and five scammers. I thought that maybe since we are doing the same thing that we can join sides, be friends, etc, but no I was wrong. I made a account on their forum, wrote in the intro broad next thing you know I am banned from their site.

So I am confuse and I didn’t know what I did so I ask them on their blog and they basically said that I took all their info on all the spell casters on my blog, I did all the work you did nothing, plus you put my forum on your scam list. So this is what I said,” Actually I researched all the spell casters on my blog myself. I didn’t take anything from you. I did my own work. If I took info from you I would have listed you as a link and gave you credit like I do for other forums. And please show me where I listed you as a scam because I can not find it. I wouldn’t list your forum as scam, I would list spsreview as a scam before you. If I did put you on my list then that was a honest mistake and I will remove. Like I said before I don’t want to start anything with you because we are doing the same thing, exposing fake spell casters and trying to find the real ones.

They didn’t reply back to me but instead they made this post, which is cute in all, but it’s false. Let me clear everything up, I did not take any information from you spellsandwishes and from spsreview. The only reason why I put your links and theirs is because of the reports from the people in the forum. Because unlike you I try to find reports on  the fake spell casters.I am not using any info from both forums because I want it to come from me since this is my opinions. Plus, I don’t want people to accuse me of working with you so I do my best to research all the spell casters that are on my list and even though some of my posts are kind of rough. So I remove your link from the five spell casters that you accuse me of taking all your info on, but I still can’t find you on my list. I checked a bunch of times and I didn’t see you on there.

I never accuse you of being a scam as for spsreview I only called them a scam because they called me a scam, other then that everyone says that forum is a scam. And I am so tried of people saying,” o xara is the only one on your real list omg you are a scam,” but do you know why she is on there, it’s because she is free. She does not charge any money for her spells which is great for everyone because you don’t have to spend any money. I know in the past she used to charge money for her spells and everyone called her a scammer, but she doesn’t now and if she does start charging for her spells again, she will be remove from my list immediately. I am going to add more real spell casters as soon as I find them. And what hell are you talking about, I only created this blog, a blog on blogspot.com, a blog on weebly.com, a twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and a forum. And even though I had all my social media sites for almost a year, it’s still pretty difficult and tiring to run them all because one I am college student, college life is hard, and two everyone is expecting me to find a real spell caster which is also hard. I don’t have fifty million people running my blog and forum like you do, but I already knew what I was signing up for and I am glad that I am doing this. Knowing that I am helping people writher it’s one person or twenty people, helps motivate me to keep doing this and their positive feedback motivates me even more.

A money scam going on rampant really what website are you talking about!!!!!! And I am not scamming people, I am honestly broke from college and online shopping. I can barely afford spellbinding sisters spells and their spells are inexpensive. I do not promote cursing on people wtf I actually don’t know a lot about spell casting, this is still new to me and is going to take me a while for me to fully understand, but I don’t curse people. I tell people to stay positive, even though I am not good at comforting people through my computer screen, I try my best anyways. At the end of the day, it was a big mistake for me to even interact with spellsandwishes, thinking that something positive will come out, but it didn’t. Also I found a way around your ban so expect a hello how are you doing  from me from time to time. At least now I know I can’t trust certain forums and blogs.  Spellsandwishesreview if you still want to discuss this, hit me up on my email: mimibieber24@gmail.com.Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 2.47.25 AM


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