DR SYLVESTER BENSON is a scammer. He is a fake and a liar. He offers a 100% guarantee with his spells which is a big red flag and he leaves fake testimonials on some websites and blogs and he was stupid enough to leave one on mine. The photo that he has on his website isn’t him and Anita Williams is one of his fake accounts. The in the pictures is Anita Sarkeesian a Canadian-American feminist media critic, blogger, and public speaker. Please do not listen to anything that he says. Here is where I found the photos:




3 thoughts on “Next is DR SYLVESTER BENSON from

  1. I got scam from him also. I am asking that no one contact him . He will take your money sll the time. Please please do not contact him. He is a big liar


    • He scam my friend also she send around 500 to him and there are always something else for more money and he is such a con artist with his sweet voice , very smart man . Becareful people


  2. He contacted me about 2 years ago with some spells and all that garbage. I said I did not need them.
    NOW he has been contacting me with the poor orphan refugee scam..The refugee is named Evans
    Silvembi. My cut is 50% of the gold and cash but I must pay the barrister, blah blah. I told him to kill
    the boy and keep all the cash. He calls me heartless. I said it is business. Don’t these fool scammers
    realize that I love to mess with their heads?


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