To Accidentally Cross Paths Again

You can modify this with the use of a purple (controlling) helper doll and/or candles as well as some controlling oil for added *oomph*!

a deck of cards and some salt.

Remove from the deck the king, queen & five of hearts. At midnight, after a new moon, place the five of hearts over the king & queen. Take a small amount of salt and throw pinches to the four directions as you envision your intended and say:

“On the earth he/she does roam.
bring me to him/her, bring me home.
it is meant to be, he/she will come to me!
Five of hearts make him/her see!”

Leave the cards as they lay in a place they will not be disturbed. It is said that you will meet each other again by the next full moon.

(The 5 of Hearts signifies another person being interested in you or you in them. Myself, I would also include on top of the 5 of Hearts, the 9 of Hearts as this signifies your wish coming true.)


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