Easy “Bring Him or Her Back” spell

Pink candle and a picture if you have one.

Concentrate on the picture if you have it, if not, just think about the target. Say your intention of the spell. Then light the candle. Concentrate on the picture or flame, then say this 3Xs..

“(Name) will come back. It has to be. (Name) will come back. He/She loves only me.
Bring him/her back soon. Bring him/her back now. Bring him/her back to me. I don’t care how.
Our love is great. It’s made to last. He/she will come back. This spell is cast.”

Remember, never to blow out a candle after a spell. You can snuff it out with a small glass (shot glass) if you need to deflame it.


2 thoughts on “Easy “Bring Him or Her Back” spell

  1. Just wondering how long does these spells take to come true I really thought xara spells worked my ex and I started talking again and was hanging out i thought there was something but then he told me he don’t love me i really wish we can try our relationship a second time what if it works out


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