Round 3 everyone, here is what this loser said to me,

“MIMI do you think i will be afraid about all those things you are
saying mimi, before i make you useless i will share a testimony
concerning you killing your boy friend, that you contacted me to help
you kill him and i said i do not kill innocent that is why you went
about calling me a scam, check that out and i will publish this in all
the forum topix, usa news, guestbook and other sites that may concern
you etc okay, and i also want you to know that i have all the details
about you which i need to expose you, you are nothing to me because i
have fought with the spirit and won them not to talk about you who is

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.53.27 AM

Here is my comeback,

“Do you think I care about if you are afraid of all the bad things I am saying about you because I don’t. My focus and motive is to keep people away from you, not trying to scare with my posts. You are a god damn liar, I never contacted you one because I already knew you was a scammer two I don’t trust any fake spell casters from Africa and three I never wanted to kill my lover so YOU ARE A LYING LITTLE BITCH. Now before I make YOU useless I will share to you how much I don’t give a fuck about what you “publish” about me because I can easily do the same to you boo boo. I will make sure everyone from all those websites and forums that you post your fake testimonials on, know who you really are. And expose me I don’t care because at the end of the day who will people believe, a sad pathetic scammer who is a manipulating bitch or me someone who has exposed over 400 scammers, is trying to find a REAL spell caster who can help everyone with their problems, and finding spells that people can cast their self. You can keep fighting with me all you want to, your just going to keep getting these amazing comebacks from me. O and my spirits said that you are a worthless scum bag and you can go cry to your pillow now and to fuck off

╭∩╮(︶︿︶) #Myspiritsdon’tlikeyou #BUTTHATCOMEBACKTHO”
Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.53.57 AM
Mimi-3 Dr Brave-0
(Currently waiting for bonus round)

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