My dear dr brave when will you ever learn how much I don’t give a damn. Here is a update of what he sent me:

“My dear Mimi have you contacted  any spell caster that take your money
without working for you ?? and my gods told me you have a relationship
problem is that through ? and i want you to know that i love you that
why i don’t want my gods to hot you, because i allow them to hot you ,
you will see the great culminate that will happen in your family ok ,
i will give you this last advise don’t prove stubborn because am not
like the rest spell caster in Africa , because the own world respect
me , because i have not collected any money from any body without
working for him or her ok
Mimi i don’t want anything to happen to your boyfriend , and i don’t
also want my gods to make you useless , BE WON ,IS TOO LATE TO CRY

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.15.51 AM

And here is my reply to him:

“Like I said before YOU ARE A JOKE. Do you think I give a shit about what your make believe Gods will do. Let me tell you what they will do , NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE A SCAMMER, A PATHETIC AND WORTHLESS SCAMMER. Lots of people came to me saying that they have been scammed by you so DON’T YOU DARE PLAY THE VICTIM CARD ON ME YOU LITTLE BITCH. What you and all the other fake spell casters that I exposed on my blog are doing is wrong. YOU GUYS ARE TAKING PEOPLES MONEY, PEOPLE WHO TRUST YOU AND POUR THEIR HEART OUT TO YOU AND ALL YOU GUYS CARE ABOUT IS TAKING THEIR MONEY. You are dealing with a lot of vulnerable people who just want to be with their love ones or want something else they desire and you are just manipulating them, telling them things that they want to hear so they can send you money because in that state of mine they will believe anything. I was like that before and I have gotten scammed by high priestess doris( read about her right here https://spellcastersexposed.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/next-is-high-priestess-doris-from-httpwww-spells4free-net/) I am so glad that I made my blog or blogs because people like you need to be expose for the greedy scumbags you are. I have exposed over 400 of you lil greedy bitchies and I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I HAVE EXPOSED ALL OF YOU SCAMMERS. I will find a REAL spell caster who will ACTUALLY HELP PEOPLE AND THEIR PROBLEMS. The only reason why you know about my love life is because I posted it in my about me page so your gods didn’t tell you shit. Nobody respects you and you don’t deserve no respect for what you are doing. O and I will give you this last  chance to process this, cry a little bit, and to fuck off (︶︿︶)╭∩╮ #winning #IT’STOLATETOCRYTOYOURMOMMY

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.17.33 AM

DR BRAVE BE WARNED :p (Currently waiting for response)


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