Next is Maria from, Patrick from, and Elizabella from

Maria, Patrick, and Elizabella are scammers. All of their video testimonies are fake, you can tell that it is scripted. Plus, Jessica Adams from  is probably the one running all three of the websites.

Maria has the same exact testimonials as Reverend Pamela M from & Same photos same words. Plus her video testimonial is fake.



Patrick is a liar, he was not on psychology today. Plus, his video testimonials are fake, you can tell it is scripted.

Elizabella says that her spells are 100% guaranteed which is a big red flag.

Do not listen to anything that they say.


2 thoughts on “Next is Maria from, Patrick from, and Elizabella from

  1. Patrick is a scammer, DO NOT USE HIM. Months will go by and he would still tell you to be positive, his website is fake. He send you the same blurb email all the time.


    • Same with Doktor Skull. His spells did not work for me. I ordered his 2 high end Ultimate Spells, Money and Gambling Spells. 6 months later, still nothing worked. He claims that they will manifest in 2017 and that I am weakening the spellspells if I keep emailing him even though he said if nothing has happened contact him to recast the spells. I really believed him in him and he let me down. I paid over $800 for both spells and I feel that I was robbed BIG TIME! Stay away from this so called Spellcaster! He does not promise what he says!


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