More fake spell casters by emails

extremewhitelovespell@yahoo. com











7 thoughts on “More fake spell casters by emails

  1. how do you know these people are scammers if you have never bought off of them? and to tell people its free and they have to buy make you the real scammer


    • and you dont buy off of anyone you scam people into thinking that your spells are free and you make them pay you in diffrent ways saying buy this buy that then you basically make a hit list on others sellers contacting other sellers and there people that buy from them and if you dont like what is said you delete it off of here because you dont want to be exposed as you say it if anyones a scammer its you and you only!


      • Joe the reason why I know that the spell casters I expose are scammers is because I did a ton of research on them and found lots of reports on them from people who have used them in the past. Also, I made a post on how to spot a fake spell caster and majority of the spell casters that are on my scam list fit into those facts. I don’t have to buy a spell from a fake spell caster if I already know that they are a scammer because I research them.

        Also Joe, I am not Xara, I am not a spell caster, I am not working with her, and I am certainly not a scammer. I am Mimi, a 22 year old woman who is trying to FIND A REAL SPELL CASTER TO GET MY MAN BACK WHILE ALSO EXPOSING ALL THESE FAKE SPELL CASTERS ON THE INTERNET. The only reason why I put Xara on my real spell caster list is because she her spells are FREE. SHE DOES NOT CHARGE FOR HER SPELLS. If you pay Xara for her spells then know that that is a fake person pretending to be her. She even mention that people are pretending to be her on her website. ALSO THERE IS NO WAY OF CONTACTING HER. She does not have a email or a Facebook.

        I put a lot of time and energy to find a real spell caster to help me and everyone problems and to expose these scammers WHY WOULD I SCAM YOU GUYS. That is doing way too much. I am trying to help people not get scammed. I created multiple blogs, pages, and forums to help people. You can ask people in my forum if I am a scammer. My “scam list” not hit list “SCAM LIST” is base on research and my personal opinion. Also, I don’t delete anyones comments on my blog unless it is a fake testimonial posted by a fake spell caster, THAT IS THE ONLY TIME I WILL DELETE A COMMENT OTHER THEN THAT I DON’T DELETE ANY COMMENTS. People should be able to express there opinions on my blog. If you still don’t believe me then you can get the hell off my blog and go somewhere else with that bullshit.


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