Lilith Lair

Lilith Lair wrote a post about me on her blog which I am flattered.

Here is her blog:

And here is the post about me:

Now let me just say that Lilith and her little ex ebay people did a terrible job researching me because nothing on this blog is true about me.

First, I am one person and I am not Xara, Angel or Minnie which I don’t know where they even got that name from, and Cindy. I don’t go by many names I only go by one Mimi sometimes Mimi Bieber, but my real name is Mimiette May and I am a 22 about to be 23 year old woman. I am actually mad that she mention Cindy because she has nothing NOTHING to do with any of this. She is a simple woman who wants what everyone wants, is to get her lover back.

Second, The only reason why I put Xara on my real spell caster list is because she is free. If she wasn’t free then she wouldn’t be on the list. I used her in the past and I didn’t see any results from her, but people kept asking me at the time if I found a real spell caster so I put her in hopes that at least someone will get results from her until I find another real spell caster. BTW I am not Xara I am not working with her I don’t even know how to contact her. Xara did charge for her spells back in 2012/2013 then changed to free spells in 2014 to now. She said that on her website too. Also if you are using Xara and she charges you just know that she is fake because her spells are free now. She mention about the person pretending to be her on her website too.

Third, She did not submit a comment to me on my main blog. If she did I would have mentioned it in my post. She didn’t even try. Plus, she could of contacted me through my other social media sites like Facebook or tumblr. I approve everyone comments unless it’s a fake testimonial. I even accept the hate comments or negative comments about me because I want to stand up to them. I’m not going to let them get to me. And my agenda is to expose people like Lilith. Plus, my “Hit List” is called Scam List.

Fourth, She didn’t do her research right because she mention that I talked about her pictures of her going to the road or forest or whatever, but I actually mention in my post about her coven members Raven and Katie and how they are fake and how their photos are fake and I found the links to them too.

Fifth, She did get at least something right, I didn’t use her or any of her ex ebay people whoever they are because I already knew from the start that she was fake and she was already my list to write a post about, but someone submitted me their experience with her and told me how they got scammed from her. So quickly wrote a post about her, to warning everyone.  I also even mentioned the person who used her  in my post about Lilith.

Sixth, Yes there is a reason why I made this blog, but I don’t know if you didn’t see it  or it couldn’t been because you guys do not know how to research people, but the reason why I made this blog is because I want to expose all the fake spell casters like Lilith and find a real spell caster to help get me get my soon to be boyfriend back. I mention this on all of my social media sites. Every single one of them. And the reason why I have a lot of blogs is because I want to get my name out there and I want people to find my blogs so every can see these fake spell casters I exposed. I have exposed over 300 fake spell casters and I have over 300 to expose/investigate.

Seventh, She mentioned that her testimonials are real because you can’t edit them or remove them, which is true I guess, but you can make multiple accounts promoting yourself or have other people promoting you. That’s what almost every fake spell caster does. And you can also buy reviews too as well.

At the end of the day the only thing on Lilith blog that is true is that I did not use her, but everything else is false. Lilith and her little ex ebay people did a horrible job at researching me. So please beware of her. I am not trying to start a war with her like she mention in her blog post, I am just warning people about her.

Also here is my other post that I wrote about her awhile ago:


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