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This website is a scam! Everything that he listed on his website is a lie. He also posts fake testimonials on some websites and blogs and says that his spells are 100% guarantee which is a big red flag. Do not enter his temple of lies!!!


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    • Hello Cindy here are some things that proves that Dr. Marvel is a scammer, for one the list that he has on his website is big red flag. A lot of scammers pretending to be african spell casters put this list on their websites to trick people into thinking that they are real and they have a lot of power. If you see this list or a similar list just know that it’s big red flag. Also he said that his spells are 100% guaranteed which is false because no spell caster can guarantee that. And he posts fake testimonials on websites and some blogs, I could tell that it was a fake testimonial because the story sounded to good to be true. He even tried to post a fake testimonial on my blog, but I can see the emails when you guys comment on here. He tried to post as Jacob Celeb from his website. Please stay away from him.


      • Wow, I was suspicious about it too but after I had already sent him the money. He asked me for money for casting the spell 3 times which I do feel that something isn’t right. Now I’m waiting for a package from Nigeria, and I’m pretty sure he’ll ask for more money. He’s trying to tell me that the Oracle will require or request for it fir the spell to finish up. I am sure I will not send anything to him again. thanks for your help. so, my question is is there a real spell casters out there that you knew about? I really want to try out. My final question is, can you really use spells to bring back your ex? Please Let Me Know. th U should is my first time and I end up with a fake one.


      • I understand how you feel. I was like that too when I got scammed from high priestess Doris. Do not trust anyone saying their a spell caster from Africa. I have found few real spell casters spellbinding sisters, comicmoongoddess, and a lady named Xiomara. I am currently using spellbinding sisters right now and I haven’t seen results yet, but I know I will soon.Yes you can get your ex back from using spells. A couple of people on my forum have used spellbinding sisters, comicmoongoddess, and Xiomara and they have see results.


      • I honestly don’t trust any online spell caster anymore. I have lost my faith in magic. I had my hopes in the past with spell casters promised me to definitely will bring back my husband. At the end, they have crushed all my faith and hope by giving me false hope over and over again.


      • I understand how you feel, but don’t give up on magic. You can try casting your own spells. It’s actually more effective then having someone cast it. Don’t lose that hope, you will get your husband back soon just like I’ll get my boyfriend back.


      • There are many ways to cast a spell and many websites to show you how, but I would recommend watching it on youtube, it’s much easier. I can recommend you some youtube videos showing you how to cast a love spell.


      • I am thinking about wanting to try her name is Leila from Houston Texas her #is (979)215-2790 please let me know if she’s a real deal. Thanks


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