Next is High Priest Ife Osaze from

High Priest Ife Osaze is a scammer. He does not have the ability to control spirits and he has not help over thousand people around the world. He is a fraud. Plus, his pictures are fake. He has the same pictures as Dr. brave another fake spell caster. Do not listen to anything that he says. Here is the website where I found the pictures:

2 thoughts on “Next is High Priest Ife Osaze from

  1. The truth is you who created the blog, are a fellow spell caster, just trying to get rid of all the others, notice there is only one name on the “approved list”


    • No the truth is I, a 20 year old woman, am trying to expose all these fake casters on the internet, and also am trying to find a real spell caster to help me get my man back. The reason why there is one spell caster on my real list is because she is FREE and I heard a couple who had results from her. I am still trying to find more real spell casters to put on my list. I put a lot of time trying to find information to expose these fake spell casters so if you don’t believe me then you can get off my blog.


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