Next is Lama Tsering Gyutse or Gyutsang Gompa from

Lama Tsering Gyutse is a scammer. He says that his spells are 100% guaranteed which is a big red flag and he also has western union as his payment which is another red flag. Also his picture is fake, he got it from a photographer named Boyd. Do not listen to anything that he says. Here is the website where he got his picture from:



8 thoughts on “Next is Lama Tsering Gyutse or Gyutsang Gompa from

  1. Just last week I paid them $300 via paypal to do some work for me. However once the transaction was complete, it had a different email address. It was to and Which was completely different than the emails I was getting from Gyutsang Gompa who is supposedly the leader of the Monastery of Happiness. He calls himself Lama Tsering Gyutse. They are fake. I tried to get my money back but they never did. This their website Please do not get involved with them.


  2. I am writing this about the website Lead by Gyutsang Gompa. Also named Lama Tsering Gyutse, Leader of Gyutsang Gompa from Monastery of happiness. They charged me through paypal for $300.00 but when I noticed the payment info after it was processed. The money went to a totally different email and company by the name of Pure Results which seems a non US based entit. email addresses where and I contacted Gyutsang several times but they refused to return the money and kept saying they didn’t know what I was talking about. ANyway they took my money and never completed the work anyway. Be aware. Purityandenergy was a samming site ran by a LeeAnn.


    • I have contacted them few days ago and they charge love spell like $790 usd and said I need to do the ceremony here, but I have found a lot of good reviews about on internet. They wrote all about good results and good things. Are they really scammer? Lama Tsering Gyutse gave me another email address for paypal he said, its one of his assistants, the address is totally not the same with the ones you mentioned above. So confirm they are fake ?


  3. I sent email to your personal mail could you please reply me there. As I can’t log in to your forum too. Yes about this Lama Tesring. because I found many good reviews about them on this website: why people wrote so good about them there? So I am kinda confused like could people really create stories on that forum. Some people said they even used their services. Do you have anyone who really get involved with their services. Also, do you know about this spell caster from Thailand: I cant find any review about him.


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