Next is Brother Child from

Brother Child is a scammer. He is not the best spellcaster of 2014, he is a big time scammer and fraud. Also, his video testimonials are fake too. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYTHING THAT HE SAYS. Plus, his name is weird brother child really. Here is a list of forums and reports that I found:


7 thoughts on “Next is Brother Child from

  1. Hello someone told me about the post that was about me & I would like to address it. First, I commend you for your blog of what you trying to do. I know you’re trying to expose scams in spell casters, but when in terms of scam is like someone lying to those of what they are or what they do. I am a spell caster. I make my own oils, potions, candles and incenses and I do psychic readings. I take pride in what I do. For many years I’ve done this privately with people i knew before someone suggested to come online. The first link you have I was hospitalized for 4-5 weeks after my surgery I couldn’t reply to emails but when i returned I did the work that was ordered & apologized & explain to the customers of my surgery..


  2. Second, if a spell caster DOES a spell and it didnt work for them that doesnt mean they are a scam its too many factors to how spells may & may not work. Example, if people have a cold & took cold medicines then it may work for others and may not work for the rest, but if they not taking care of themselves & working with the medicine.. do it make it a scam? In spell casting results varies with people and their situations. Like I said on my website and videos spell casting there are no guarantees. I dont offer guarantees, no refunds nor I dont offer results in 24 hours like most casters, I dont have the ridiculous transforming body or appearance spells, flying spells or going back in time spells etc. cause all thats unethical and thats not right to mislead people like that and they get upset cause I’m being honest about that but some believe those splls are real and they not


  3. Third, you said my videos testimonials are fake. Did you take a good look at all my videos? How can the videos be fake when SOME of the videos have MY candles, oil potions, herbs, incenses that I made in the videos? How can that be fake? In another video there’s a 3 month premature baby attached to wires and his mother attached to those machines being in a coma. Both of them fighting for their lives and my long time client brought me to the hospital for her daughter and baby behalf to help them, because the doctors gave them a 2-3 weeks to live. Thats not hired actors for a premature baby and a mother in a coma and have the hospital as the setting? That was REAL! In another video my customer that had my oil potion that WON at the casino she attached a paper note writing on it “Brother Child the spell is working” and had the note next to my oil potion on the spining slot machine while it was still winning her money. Thats REAL! Proof like that cant be photo shopped. Most clients that have my Lucky Win spell oil potions which those pictures of my bottle is on my website IS really on their video showing it while the casino slot machine spinning & winning for them. Honestly, thats not fair to those that was nice enough to share their problems and testimonials for you to say its fake. Have you ever thought that maybe perhaps seeing ALL the videos that actually it could be real?


  4. Its bad enough being online for years having others pretending to be me or pretending like I work with them and making up a site or article stealing my pics, spells and testimonials but its also not fair to have someone slander me that never dealt with me to judge me on things thats not true. How would you feel if someone accused or slandered you for something thats not true?

    Note I have some competitors thats upset that I wont add their links to my site maybe few of them have some of my stuff on their website and threatened to slander me if I wont add their links and I will ignore them. Keep in mind some bad things you may come across some of them are competitors themselves.

    When I got online I never knew the drama or stealing pics or identities to create sites pretending to be someone else even existed. But I work too hard for too long to be where I am and I’m not God but if I was able to help someone through my readings or spell castings and they want to share their testimonial then I’m grateful to them, because that is what I like to do and since I decided to take on doing this… this is my life and I done this way before the internet. Because, believe it or not there are some real spell casters out here and some are passed away or retired because of things like this, because they not into all the confusion.

    In no means my posts meant to disrespect your blog, but I felt it wasnt fair to slander me, make fun of my name and to say my videos are fake.. which isnt. My thing is with a open mind could you think that its a possibility that really going through ALL my videos that I actually could be really a spell caster? My oils, candles, herbs, oil potions, my spell tips people giving the testimonials on my vids are real. I hope you take my comments under consideration and I thank you for taking the time to read my posts that I sent to you and hoping you will email me pleasantly to talk about this further


  5. I do not know who this ass hole is that is slandering Mr. Child, I had a reading with him and it was on point!!! You hear me. You no good ass hole!! You probably just jealous, like most!! He is the real deal. He hit it right on point with my ex fiancé.


  6. How do we knw people that casting spells nt testifying here. Lots of people been scammed including myself. Are there spell casters for real


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