Next is High Priestess Alexandra from

High Priestess Alexandra is another big scammer. DON’T BELIEVE WHATS ON HER WEBSITE BECAUSE IT’S ALL LIES. This bitch tries to pull you in with all this egyptian magic when it’s all a bunch of bullshit okay. I was thinking about contacting her but after I did my research I’m glad I didn’t. GURL BYE. Here is a list of reports and forums I found:


5 thoughts on “Next is High Priestess Alexandra from

  1. high priestess alexandra is a scammer and a liar! She said my man would come back to me in May. that she was “convinced” and all she did was done in that sense! the month of may will be decisive with the process of my spell. Well it is fucking June and my man has not even spoken to me let alone come back!!! now she won’t answer my e-mails!! STAY FAR AWAY!!! please read this and be warned!!!


    • Is her contact info where she calls from Washington and tells you to send money to las Vegas Nevada and she has email address alexzandria amazing love spells@


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